Bringing together communities of cancer survivors, cyclists and supporters, the Ride to Conquer Cancer has raised more than $96 million in 10 years, making it British Columbia’s largest fundraiser.

The BC Cancer Foundation is the fundraising partner of BC Cancer. Funds raised ensure scientists and clinicians at BC Cancer have the support needed to advance the standard of cancer care through leading-edge research.

We know that one in two people in our province will face cancer in their lifetime. Together with our donors, the BC Cancer Foundation is changing the outcome for people facing cancer in British Columbia by connecting personalized care, innovative research and opportunities to give back.

With incredible leaps in science and technology, BC Cancer is breaking new ground in genomics, immunology and nuclear medicine. This is leading to prevention in high risk families, better treatments with fewer side effects and ultimately improved health and longevity for people impacted by cancer.

Key Impact Highlights

Funds from the Ride have:

Supported more than 47 projects, investigating more than 50 different cancer types

Hundreds of Patients take part in POG

“There are people living today who would not be without Ride support. Donors provide each POG patient with information that has the potential to improve their immediate care.” – POG researcher

First-of-its-kind, the Personalized Onco-Genomics (POG) Program allows world-leading scientists and doctors to map the genomic structure of an enrolled patient’s cancer to help determine potential drug targets and treatment based on a biological rationale. Funds raised through the Ride are enabling BC Cancer to continue enrolling patients into this ground-breaking clinical study.


Personalized treatments for blood cancers and reduced lymphoma recurrence

“Prior to 2000, there’s a good chance I wouldn’t be here. The prognosis for chronic myeloid leukemia was grim. Now, with a lot of research that was done, we’ve more than doubled the five-year survival rate, I would not be here without donors,” – Kristen Armstrong, living with CML for four years.

Tests in development will help prevent nearly half of all lymphoma patients from facing a relapse. The Ride supports BC Cancer’s Centre for Lymphoid Cancer and has helped researchers secure prestigious research grants that will change the outcome for many patients with lymphoma and other blood cancers in B.C. and beyond. Dr. Christian Steidl is a world-renowned scientist specializing in lymphoid cancer research at BC Cancer and was recently awarded a $1.5 million investment through a prestigious Allen Distinguished Investigator Award, the first Canadian awardee. The Allen Institute was established by the late Paul G. Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, who passed away from lymphoma earlier this year.


On track to prevent 50% of ovarian cancers

Ride dollars support BC Cancer’s OVCARE team and its significant strides in research and care– a world leader in advancing prevention and care for women facing all forms of gynecologic cancers. The team is on a bold mission to cut incidences of ovarian cancer in half by 2034. Ride funds have already contributed to moving the team closer to this goal, with two world-first prevention strategies; the removal of fallopian tubes during routine hysterectomy, and hereditary genetic testing at the time of diagnosis, already being deployed across B.C.


BC Cancer becomes Canadian nuclear medicine hub for prostate cancer

Ride funds are fueling a new, world-leading Molecular Imaging and Therapeutics program at BC Cancer spanning research and development of cutting-edge radiopharmaceuticals through to clinical trials. Over the next five years, the program will expand its infrastructure, scale-up scientific development of radioactive isotope treatments and launch a series of game-changing clinical trials.

“Research and innovative trials will give prostate cancer patients, like me, and eventually many other people facing other cancer types, hope—and ultimately, more time,” says Raymond Band – prostate cancer survivor who has faced multiple relapses since 1994.


Advancing research and care in the North

Patients in northern B.C. have greater support to overcome health and financial challenges thanks to Ride funds, specifically from the devoted Wheelin’ Warriors of the North team.

“What comes along with a cancer diagnosis are a lot of other challenges. I’ve received gift cards for groceries and gas that have just made my day and takes the stress away,” Lori McDonald, current patient at BC Cancer – Prince George.

Funds are also supporting a precision radiation therapy hub at BC Cancer – Prince George. “Precision radiation therapy holds the potential to minimize side effects. By establishing a research program and acquiring vital new equipment, we can have a direct impact for patients in the North and across B.C.,” says Dr. Robert Olson, radiation oncologist.


Purchased two state-of-the-art PET/CT scanners

Funds raised through the Ride supported the purchase of two PET/CT scanners – one in Victoria and one in Kelowna. These machines will bring world-class diagnostics closer to home for thousands of patients in need and will help to reduce wait times across the province.


World’s largest breast cancer study

Ride dollars have helped place BC Cancer’s breast team on the world stage! The team, led by Dr. Samuel Aparicio identified 10 unique sub-types of breast cancer, decoding the genomic structure of the most deadly of these and proving that cancer has the ability to change over time and in response to treatments. Today, patients can enter B-PRECISE, the world’s largest breast cancer study where tumour tissue is collected the time of diagnosis to conduct DNA sequencing. The aim is to match genomic mutations in the tumours with known or new combinations of therapies, test and develop tailor-made cancer drugs targeted for each unique cancer and avoid treatment resistance.


Advanced immunotherapy treatment development

Funds support incredible progress for BC Cancer’s Immunotherapy research program, with the team gearing up to bring these home-grown, cutting-edge treatments to patients. The Ride will help make T cell therapy a reality for cancer patients facing leukemia, lymphoma, and gynecologic cancers in B.C.


Enhanced brain cancer care

Brain cancer care in B.C. has been transformed, enabling patients to be seen by neuro-oncology specialists quickly and effectively, in one visit and at one site.

At BC Cancer – Victoria a stereotactic radiotherapy program for brain cancer started treating patients with multiple metastases in early 2016. These individuals can benefit from modern treatment technology, which allows highly accurate (1-2 mm precision), efficient and effective radiotherapy treatment.

Through the Personalized Onco-Genomics Program (POG) 61 brain cancer patients have been enrolled, 41 are pediatric; where the genomic profile of their cancer is analyzed to provide highly personalized treatment planning.


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Researchers, scientists and doctors at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre are developing ways to make surgery, radiation and drug treatments more targeted to the cells with cancer. This approach will leave healthy tissue intact, minimizing toxic side effects, and new treatments such as Immune Therapy will help lead to better survival rates.


Princess Margaret Cancer Centre is working to provide programs and strategies to help patients living with cancer and their families to cope with the emotional and physical effects of cancer treatment. The award-winning survivorship, patient education and psychosocial support programs help reduce stress and improve the overall patient experience.

Since 2008, The Princess Margaret has also used funds raised through The Ride to support other core cancer areas, including:

  • Programs: Tumor Immunotherapy program led by Dr. Pamela Ohashi, Dr. Tak Mak and Dr. Lillian Sui; Cancer Stem Cell program led by Dr. John Dick; and Tumor Hypoxia program led by Dr. Brad Wouters and Dr. Michael Milosevic.
  • Research Platforms: Image-Guided Technology and Robotic Surgery; Clinical Trials that support specific cancer types; BioBank initiative.
    People: Over 1,200 people employed in our research enterprise, including 64 scientists, 315 clinical researchers and 450 trainees.
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