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Every June, thousands of Riders travel from Toronto to Niagara falls to conquer cancer. As a Crew member, you’ll participate in a service capacity for the entire event weekend – for a total of at least 40 hours but not in The Ride itself.

Note: You must be 16 years old or older to join our Crew teams.


Volunteers commit to short shifts before or during the event weekend. Unlike Crew, volunteers don’t need to register for the event and pay a registration fee.

Still have questions? Read the Crew FAQs or volunteer FAQs below to get more information or reach out anytime: or call [416] 628-4711.


What crew should I join?
There are different crews for every aspect of the event – from food services and traffic control to setting up camp. See Crew team opportunities for the 2020 event here:


Already registered?
Review the 2020 teams, complete your Crew Assignment form and submit to secure your team preference.

My friends and family are riding as part of a team. Can I still be a part of that team as a Crew member?
Definitely! Your fundraising can be added to a Rider team total and you can join them at camp for the festivities. Just make sure you let your Crew Coach and Team Captain know so they can schedule your shift accordingly.

What’s the minimum age for Crew?
You must be 16 years old or older to join our Crew teams. Anyone between ages 16 to 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian in the same role and area during event weekend.

Do you provide food for crew?
Yes! We provide breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for the entire weekend for our Crew. We also offer a vegetarian/gluten free option. Please note: For all other allergies or preferences, please bring your own meals and snacks.
How many volunteer hours will I be credited with?
Crew members are credited with 40 volunteer hours for the full two-day commitment.

Do I need to raise funds as a crew member?
Crew members get all the same support as the Riders and we encourage all our Crew to help us raise funds – at least $500. It’s easier than you think, since you never know who has been touched by cancer and may want to contribute.

Do you provide camp accommodations for crew?
Yes! We have tents set up for Crew at the main camp in Hamilton. Drop off your overnight gear with us on Saturday morning and we’ll make sure it’s waiting for you at Camp when you arrive.

Do I need to drive myself or have access to a car?
We will take care of all your transportation on event weekend, from the starting line to camp on Saturday and from the Finish Line in Niagara Falls back to Toronto. As long as you can meet us at the starting line, we’ve got you covered from there.

I would like to bring my own vehicle to help offset event costs. How does this work?
Many of the Crew choose to bring their own vehicles on event to help keep costs down. If you’re on a Road Team and decide to bring your own vehicle, please keep gas receipts for Saturday and Sunday so we can reimburse you.


As a volunteer, will my meals be provided?
Casual volunteers commit to 5-hour shifts, and we provide drinks and snacks during this time. We only provide meals for Crew, who support us for the full two-day weekend. If you’re available and interested in the longer volunteer opportunity, please feel free to register as Crew.

Do you offer confirmation of volunteer hours?
If you require a letter of volunteer hours, please let your Volunteer Coach know in advance. We can email you a letter post-event or sign-off in person if you bring forms with you. Crew members receive an automatic 40 hours and volunteer hours are based on the hours worked.

Can I help raise funds as a volunteer?
Absolutely! Since 2008, The Ride has raised over $194 million dollars towards cancer research and we won’t stop there. You never know who has been touched by cancer and may want to contribute to your efforts in supporting Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. Let your Volunteer Coach know you want to help raise funds and start a plan today.

What roles and shift times are available?
Learn about the different volunteer roles here. Select your preferred city location below:

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