As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve daily, we know these are uncertain times. Given these unique circumstances, and with the safety of all our participants, volunteers and supporters being our number one priority, the Enbridge® Ride to Conquer Cancer® will be a virtual Ride for 2020 on Saturday, August 29th. We will continue to provide you with more information as the details become available. What we can confirm:

  • No registration fee
  • No fundraising minimums
  • Ride your distance, your route, from any location

For 12 years, the Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer has represented hope for cancer patients and their families by raising critical funds for The Princess Margaret. Our focus will not change in 2020.

Do I have to ride on August 29th or can I participate earlier?

Our official ceremonies and social media integration will be on Saturday, August 29th, however if you’d like to conduct your own Ride on another day, please feel free to do so! We’d love for you to still share your Ride with us, socially. We appreciate your support!

Will we be receiving jerseys this year?

If you raise $1,000 you will receive our official 2020 Ride jersey. If you raise $2,500, you will receive our RBC Ambassador jersey.

Will polka dot riders be honoured this year?

Yes, they will!

I am a 5/10 year rider. Will I receive my gold/platinum helmet this year?

Those who participate in the virtual event, and who raise at least $1,000 in 2020, will receive a 5 or 10 year helmet.

Will my 4th or 9th year participation this year count towards a 5 or 10 year helmet next year, if I participate this year and raise a minimum of $1000?


Will there be Gold, Silver and Bronze Ambassador levels this year?

This year we will just have one Ambassador level at $2,500, where you will receive our RBC Ambassador jersey.

For those who have won a team tent at camp from one of our challenges, we will defer that prize to next year.

Is there a hashtag you would like us to use during virtual rides?


Will these virtual rides be mostly focused throughout the GTA, or other areas as well?

We will be posting some suggested different routes on STRAVA you are also welcome to create your own route this year!

What is the name of the club on STRAVA?

The Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer

Will the Ambassador program be honoured this year?

Yes, but we are reworking this program now that the event is virtual and we no longer have fundraising minimums. More details to come shortly.

For those who have won a team tent at camp from one of our challenges, we will defer that prize to next year.

Can I still continue to fundraise for The Ride?

Absolutely. Your support is vital in helping us fund world-leading cancer research and care at The Princess Margaret. We do understand, however, that fundraising in today’s climate is a challenge and may not be feasible.

We have introduced a new fund option you can choose to put your donations towards: Conquer COVID for Cancer fund. We recognize that the ever-changing Coronavirus crisis has significantly impacted all of us and you may be looking for ways to offer your support. Conquer COVID for Cancer offers an opportunity to fundraise and support cancer patients and frontline staff in three key areas:

  • life-enhancing technology,
  • accelerated research and clinical trials, and
  • urgent resources for frontline staff.

You can visit www.thepmcf.ca/covid for more information on this exciting initiative, which will support the needs of cancer patients and frontline staff right now, while ensuring we are collectively better prepared for the future.

We will continue to keep participants updated via email, on our website and through our social channels on all news related to The Ride. We appreciate your patience and continued support.


Click here to sign up and complete the form. You will be guided through the registration process. Once your transaction is complete, you will receive a confirmation email receipt.


Yes. On the home page of the website, friends and family can locate a Rider or Crew Member by clicking on the “Donate Now” button. By typing in the name of the participant, they will be directed to the participant’s Personal Page. Having the Rider’s or Crew Member’s Participant ID Number handy will speed up the process.

Yes. Just mail in your cheque donation (we cannot accept cash). Each donation must have a completed donation form that has the Participant ID Number of the Rider or Crew Member you are sponsoring. Please make sure to mail both items to the address indicated in the upper left corner of your donation form.

If you’ve chosen the default, you will automatically receive an email notifying you when a donation has been made. Or, you can log in to the site using your Username and Password and go to your Participant Centre. Click on the “My Progress” tab and you will be able to view your donor list and the amounts that have been donated.

Donors who donate online with a valid email address will receive a tax receipt via email. Donors who mail in a donation will receive their receipt by email if they give a valid email address, and by mail if they do not give an email address but they do give a valid mailing address.

To update or change a name on the Fundraising Honour Roll, simply call us at [877] 699-BIKE [2453] or send us an email at ontarioguides@conquercancer.ca with the revised information and we will update your Fundraising Honour Roll for you.

You will need to login to your Participant Centre. On the right side, you can click to modify your personal fundraising goal. Enter your new goal and submit the changes.

The need for new cancer treatments and prevention methods is critical. You may have never raised money before, but don’t worry. We’ve helped thousands of people raise more than $175 million for cancer causes, and we’ll be here to help you every step of the way. Of course, you can call our expert Ride Guides at any time with questions at [877] 699-BIKE [2453].

Once you sign up for The Enbridge Ride, you’ll have access to your own personal webpage on www.conquercancer.ca where you can post your photo, tell your story, and then email the link to the page to your donors so they can donate straight to you online! Once you are a Rider, we’ll give you all the tools you need and we’ll be there for you the whole way. That’s our promise. Click here to visit our Fundraising page and see how you can get started now!

Yes, you can absolutely receive cash donations. But, please do not mail the cash to us! We don’t want it to get lost in the mail. Instead, write a cheque for the donation amount and mail it in with your donation form, just be sure to enter the donor’s information on the donation form. We no longer accept donations on behalf of someone else using credit cards. Please call us for more information.

Credit card numbers are not stored in our database. During the donation process we send your credit card number to an online processing terminal using a secure connection. The information is passed back as an approval or denial for the credit card donation.

All donations go immediately to the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. After expenses, The Ride has raised over $175 million for the highest priority cancer research initiatives at The Princess Margaret. The return to the Foundation of 66% far exceeds what is considered by the industry as an acceptable return for an event of this magnitude. Proceeds from the event deliver breakthrough research, screening programs, exemplary teaching, and compassionate care at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. For more information about the use of funds from The Ride, please visit www.pmhf.ca.

Registered Participants can print donation forms directly from their Participant Centre to give them to donors who wish to mail in their donation (the address is right there on the form). If you are a donor, please go to the Participant’s Personal Page, then click on the link on the left side of the Personal Page to download a copy of the donation form. You can also call our office and we can mail or fax you a donation form.

If you still have any questions about Fundraising, simply call our office at [877] 699-BIKE [2453] or send us an email at ontarioguides@conquercancer.ca.


Log in using your Username and Password. Go to your Participant Centre and click the “Team Progress” tab. From there you will be able to view your team roster and the amounts raised by each team member.

Simply go to your Participant Centre and click the “Update Message to Team” button. This will allow you to make all necessary changes to your team message.

Only the team captain has the ability to change these team settings. The team captain will need to log in to his or her Participant Centre and click the “My Team Progress” button on the top right. On the Team Progress Page, team captains will have the ability to update the team name, goal, and the team photo and text.

If you still have any questions regarding teams, simply call our office at [877] 699-BIKE [2453] or send us an email at ontarioguides@conquercancer.ca.


A Personal Page is a page you customize and ask your friends and family to visit when asking for donations. Once you register, by default you will have a Personal Page created for you. You have the option of personalizing the image, text, and layout on your page by going to your Participant Centre. Your Personal Page is where you can let friends and family know why you are taking part in this epic cycling conquest.

Once you register, by default you will have a Personal Page created for you. Your name will be listed in the participant database so that those wishing to donate to your fundraising can find you.

First, log in to your Personal Page in the Participant Centre using your Username and Password. Once you are logged in you will see an additional link on the top of the page called “Update My Profile.” Select that link and you will be able to change your contact information, email address, username, and password. All changes will be made to your account immediately. There is no need to sign back in. If you are having difficulties call our Ride Guides. They will be happy to help you.

On your Personal Page, click the “Browse” button in the photo section, and then in the File Upload window that displays, select the photo you wish to place in that piece of the layout. Click Open. The path to the file on your computer will display in the Browse text box. Also, the selected photo will show up in the cell. Note that you can only upload a photo in “.jpeg” format. So make sure that you have saved any photo that you wish to use in this format. Click Upload and the new photo should show up.

This website is unique because it allows individuals not only to register for the event, but also to collect donations through their online Personal Page. You can track the progress of donation collections by viewing secured online reports.

If you still have any questions about our website, simply call our office at [877] 699-BIKE [2453] or send us an email at ontarioguides@conquercancer.ca.

Remember that your username and password are case sensitive. You will receive an email with your username and password immediately after you register. On the login page you can also request that a reminder email be sent to you. If you still have difficulties, please contact our Ride Guides by calling us at [877] 699-BIKE [2453] or send us an email at ontarioguides@conquercancer.ca. They will be happy to help you.

Luminate, the company responsible for housing and maintaining The Ride website, has made every effort to protect your information. They use industry-standard SSL encryption techniques to make sure that your credit card information, passwords, and personal information travel securely over the internet. They have also installed an encryption engine on our database server so that your data is securely stored.


Most likely you’re not used to riding such a long distance in one day, then waking up the next morning and doing it again. So we’ll help you get ready to do just that!

We organize Training Rides in different areas and terrains which vary in difficulty from beginner to experienced Rider. We also have Orientation sessions where you’ll learn more about bike basics in case you’ve never changed a bike tire or want to know the difference between a road, and mountain bike. And last but not least, you can always call your Ride Guides when you have questions about how to physically prepare for The Ride. They’ll be able to provide you with one-on-one advice and guidance to ensure achievement of your goals.

Definitely! The Enbridge Ride is for everyone from the average weekend warrior to accomplished cyclists. This event is for all kinds of people: mothers, fathers, grandparents, friends, and cancer survivors. It will be a challenge, but that’s exactly what makes it so meaningful.

Our team of Ride Guides is available to help work out a training plan that fits in with your life and will get you in shape for The Ride. We know that you can do it. Just think of yourself on a mission to bring the latest cancer research and care to those who need it most. While on the route, you can go at a fast or moderate pace, whatever suits your endurance level. If for any reason you can’t continue, there will be sweep vehicles along the route to take you to Camp.

If you still have any questions about Training, simply call our office at [877] 699-BIKE [2453] or send us an email at ontarioguides@conquercancer.ca.

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