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Gear Up Challenge is back!

It’s the perfect opportunity to double our Riders, double our impact, and get rewarded. Recruit one or more Riders between February 19 and March 28 and snag some great swag* to complete your Ride look.

Share your personal referral link found in your Participant Centre with your new recruits and they’ll receive a $50 registration discount and you’ll receive a $50 fundraising credit through our Refer & Raise program**!

Plus, for each new Rider you recruit you’ll receive one entry into our draw, a GRAND PRIZE package from BicyclesMcW, valued at over $1,000. The more Riders you recruit, the better your chances are to win!

But that’s not all! Recruit at least one new Rider and you’ll receive an online badge for your Personal Page and a physical badge to wear on event.


We are thrilled to reveal our NEW 2019 jersey, which is now available in both men’s and women’s sizes!

Make sure you update your jersey sizing on your profile by logging in to your Participant Centre, selecting Personal Page in the top navigation and then clicking the tab in the right column labeled Update Rider Profile.


  • Recruit 1 Rider= Ride Socks* + Gear Up Badge + $50 Fundraising Credit + 1 Entry For The GRAND PRIZE
  • Recruit 2 Riders= Ride Socks + Ride Hat + Gear Up Badge + $100 Fundraising Credit + 2 Entries For The GRAND PRIZE
  • Recruit 3 or More Riders= All Of The Above + $50 Fundraising Credit For Every New Rider + 3 Or More Entries For The GRAND PRIZE


  • Share Your Personal Referral Link. Make sure that your referrals use your personal link when signing up. You can access and share your personal referral link in your Participant Centre – look for Refer & Raise on your homepage.
  • New Riders Can Gear Up Too. New Riders who register during the Gear Up Challenge also receive an entry for the GRAND PRIZE draw from BicyclesMcW.


Haven’t yet signed up for The Ride? Now’s your chance to register for only $25 with the promo code GEARUP19 and be entered to win a $1,000 GRAND PRIZE package from BicyclesMcW.

*All Gear Up Challenge items can be picked up during packet pickup prior to the event or on event. No Gear Up rewards will be mailed out.

**The maximum fundraising credit to be earned by each Rider is capped at $500 or 10 referrals. You may receive the credit only for referring new Riders. A new Rider is anyone who is not currently registered and did not register for the 2018 event. Your account will be credited within 1 to 10 business days.

Make An Epic Impact For World Cancer Day

Approximately 206,200 Canadians are diagnosed with cancer each year. We want to change that statistic.

That’s why we’re challenging every Rider to raise $206 before World Cancer Day on February 4 in support of each of those 206,200 individuals who will be diagnosed with cancer this year.

Share this infographic on social and tag #QuebecConquersCancer. Don’t forget to follow us!

How It Works

Take on the challenge to raise $206 between January 21 and February 4 and let’s make an epic impact together. Every action makes a difference when we unite as a community of Riders in this crucial fight against cancer.

What’s At Stake?

By rising to the challenge, you will show your support for each and every Canadian affected by cancer and will also receive a World Cancer Day badge on your personal page and a physical badge to wear proudly on event.

How To Raise $206 For The World Cancer Day Challenge:

 Here are a few ways you can kickstart your fundraising for World Cancer Day:

  • Share the infographic above on social. Tag #CanadaConquersCancer and ask your friends and family to support your Ride.
  • Send our World Cancer Day templated email from your Participant Centre to your contacts. Simply log in, visit the email tab and send!
  • Update your personal page in your Participant Centre and share your “Why I Ride” story with your friends and family.

Not Registered Yet?

This is your chance make an epic impact for World Cancer Day. Join The Ride for only $19 when you use the promo code WCD19.

The bigger our Ridership, the more we raise for cancer research and treatment.

The Most Beautiful Ride: Mark’s Story

Mark MacDonald participated in The Ride in Ontario, Alberta and Quebec. He says his experience in Quebec was breathtaking. He remembers looking to his right and seeing the St. Lawrence river, then to his left and seeing beautiful homes with boutique shops. He felt empowered to keep going during the most tiring moments when people would ring their cow bells to cheer Riders on through every community along the route.It was hands down the most beautiful Ride,says Mark.

Before signing up for The Ride, Mark hadn’t ridden a bike in 20 years. He says that you do in fact forget how to ride a bike – don’t always believe what you hear.

In 2018, he decided to re-teach himself to ride when he signed up for the Enbridge® Ride to Conquer Cancer® in honour of his mom, Lynne, who passed away from breast cancer. He wanted to make her proud and he wanted to support everyone who is affected by the disease.

When Lynne passed, Mark made a difficult decision to change his lifestyle. He says he used to be the guy who could out eat anyone at the Pizza Hut buffet and sitting on the couch was his favourite pastime. When he decided to make a change, he improved his eating habits and started running at the gym – but there was nothing he enjoyed about the treadmill! One day, he glanced over at the stationary bike, gave it a try and found his passion for cycling.

Mark knew about The Ride as an Enbridge employee in Toronto for 17 years. His colleague challenged him to join the Enbridge team and Mark agreed. Little did he know, he would be joining Enbridge teams across the country.

He says that no matter where he was – Ontario, Quebec or Alberta, he felt The Ride camaraderie. “Even though you start The Ride with your team, everyone goes off on their own once you’re on the road. The special part about this is that even though you’re alone, you realize that we’re all together,” says Mark.

Share this infographic on social and tag #QuebecConquersCancer. Don’t forget to follow us!

Thank you to everyone who came out to support of The Ride’s first ever World Cancer Day 200 kilometre Spin Challenge at the Jewish General Hospital! You have made an EPIC impact in the fight against cancer.

Check out the pictures from the event below and share your favourites on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #TheRideMTL.


What is Giving Tuesday?

After Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it’s #GivingTuesday —the first day of the giving season! On Tuesday, November 27, charities, companies and millions of individuals around the world will be giving back to the cause that matters most to them.

Giving Tuesday Challenge

In honour of this global day of giving, we want YOU to take on the Giving Tuesday Challenge by raising $100 before November 27. This is our chance to make an epic impact as a community for the Segal Cancer Centre at the Jewish General Hospital.

Will you accept our challenge?

Self-donate today or ask your friends, family and coworkers to support your 2019 Ride and let them know that you’re taking on The Ride’s Giving Tuesday Challenge.

Fueled by the power of collaboration, we can together make an incredible difference for the Segal Cancer Centre at the Jewish General Hospital.

Need help getting started?

Log in to your Participant Centre today and use our email or social media tools to help you raise $100 before November 27.

See what people are saying about #GivingTuesday on social media!

Team Up To Win Your Spot In A VIP Tent

The Team Up Challenge is an incredible opportunity for our Ridership to amplify their impact through teamwork and win great prizes for it!

The more Riders you recruit to join you, the larger the impact you make in the fight against cancer.


Call or message everyone you know today from your Participant Centre and ask them to ride with your team in 2019! And don’t forget about our Referral Program. Your custom referral link gives each new teammate a $50 registration discount and you get a $50 fundraising credit.


Only five VIP hospitality tent spots are up for grabs at The 2019 Ride! In the tent, your team will enjoy Camp in the lap of luxury with live music, delicious food, drinks without the lineup, and many more perks.

Want one of those coveted spots? You have two ways to get your team into the tent.

  • If your team is one of the top three teams to recruit the most, new teammates during Team Up Challenge, you will win a spot in the VIP hospitality tent at The 2019 Ride.
  • Teams that recruit five or more new Riders to join their team will be entered into a draw for two additional spots in the tent – and get a kilometre of The Ride dedicated to your team. Each additional five new Riders gets you another entry to the draw.
  • Teams that add five or more Riders between October 1 and November 9 will have a kilometre of The Ride dedicated to them.
  • Any team that earns a kilometre will also be entered into a draw to win one of two team spots for The Ride’s VIP hospitality tent on event.
  • For every five new Riders that a team adds, it will receive one entry into the draw. For example, should a team add 15 new Riders between October 1 and November 9, it will receive three entries into the draw to win one of the two additional team spots in the VIP hospitality tent.
  • The top three teams to add the most Riders between October 1 and November 9 through filling spots and/or recruiting will automatically win.


Congratulation to our Team Up Challenge winners Rogers, A&W, Raymond James Ltd, Davies, and Ranger Design for securing their spot in the 2019 Team Up Challenge hospitality tent!

And a big shout-out to all of the teams that have earned a dedicated kilometre of The Ride! Keep an eye out for those personalized markers on event next July.

Attention all past Riders!

It’s September and kids are heading back to school, and that means it’s time for you to come Back To The Ride!

Register now for only $25 with promo code WELCOMEBACK19 and you’ll receive this limited-edition Ride tee.

Plus, if you make a self-donation when you sign up, you’ll also receive a 2019 branded Ride wristband.

Not only will you kick-start your fundraising by donating to yourself and get a badge on your Personal Page, but you’ll also show your commitment to conquering cancer and inspire others to follow your example with more donations.


The following teams won the Ultimate Camp Happy Hour and will be enjoying the delicious food—and a few surprises!

Les Bécanes de l’espoir


We have BIG news! Starting Tuesday, July 17 through to August 17, you have the chance to win one of five team spots for our Ultimate Camp Happy Hour tent at Camp in Trois-Rivières next year. From drinks to delicious bites—and a few surprises!—this is a Ride experience you don’t want to miss.

How to win?

  • Get at least 50% of your 2018 team to register for The 2019 Ride by August 17 and be automatically entered to win!
  • Only 2018 teams of five or more members are eligible to participate.
  • Corporate spots can count towards the challenge, but they must be filled with a Rider’s name by August 17 in order to be qualified.

Not registered for The 2019 Ride yet?

Get yourself signed up now for The 2019 Ride by using the promo code RIDE19 and receive $50 off the registration price.

PLUS, if you register 75% of your 2018 team for the 2019 Ride, you’ll receive TWO entries into the contest to win the Ultimate Camp Happy Hour.

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