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Start a Team!

  • If you haven’t yet joined The Ride, you can form a team when you register!
  • Already registered as an individual Rider? Call our Ride Guides at 1-866-996-8356 to start your team. It takes just minutes!
  • Reach out to other participants at Ride orientations and training rides.
  • Form a family team! It’s a bonding experience that you will never forget.

Create a corporate team! Contact your HR department about this invaluable opportunity to enhance office morale and boost the company’s brand.

PLEASE NOTE: Each team member is still required to raise their individual minimum fundraising requirement, but we encourage all members to reach beyond that goal! The purpose of a team is to support each member to do more—not less—than they could as an individual Rider.


Many local teams are searching for passionate Riders just like you! Already registered as an individual Rider? Not a problem… You can join any open team right now! Call our Ride Guides at 1-866-996-8356 and we’ll add you to one of the open teams listed below:

To make your team an Open Team, simply fill out the following form.


Searching for team members? Look no further than your own workplace!

Your colleagues can make an invaluable team both in the office and on the road!

Reasons to consider creating a corporate team:

  • Encourage team building. Training together and fundraising together can strengthen workplace relationships, leading to enhanced company morale and increased office productivity.
  • Broaden corporate visibility. Company participation in The Ride will be seen as a goodwill gesture by the local community, which can translate into increased brand awareness.
  • Impact local cancer research and treatment! Funds raised through The Ride directly benefit the Jewish General Hospital’s Segal Cancer Centre. With a corporate team, your company will become a champion for cancer patients right here in Quebec!

Download this handy one-page document for more information and the benefits of starting a corporate team.

Corporate Flyer


When you join a team, you become part of a group that trains together and raises money together, making it a great way to keep both your motivation and your fundraising on track. Plus, it makes The Ride that much more fun when you’re surrounded by friends who are as committed to conquering cancer as you!

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