The Ride to Conquer Cancer is made up of men and women of all backgrounds and ages, but current numbers show that our female Ridership makes up only 37% of our epic community. Let’s fix that, shall we?

Through Women on Wheels, our woman-to-woman recruitment program, you can help grow our female presence and make an even bigger impact!

Change begins with a single ask, so who do you want by your side this August? Reach out to her today! Plus, any woman referred to The Ride will receive a $50 registration discount with code WOW20, making it easier than ever to increase our female Riders for 2020.

The Women on Wheels program is your chance to bring more of your mothers, sisters, friends and female co-workers into The Ride while also increasing our collective impact for women in Canada who have been touched by cancer.

In 2017, approximately 103,200 women in Canada were diagnosed with cancer—a figure that eclipses the diagnostic rate for the men of our country. Another estimated 38,200 women in Canada will die of the disease this year as well.

Clearly, cancer does not discriminate between genders. Its impact on women is just as devastating and deadly as that for men… But the women of The Ride can do something about it.

More Riders mean more vital funds for the Alberta Cancer Foundation, and more women in this event means more support for female cancer patients.

How? Because if you choose, you can designate your dollars directly for our women’s cancer fund.

Together, we can change statistics. We can change outcomes for all women currently fighting cancer. Most importantly, we can help our province to one day conquer cancer. Be part of this change and join the Women on Wheels program!

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