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The 10th Annual Enbridge® Ride to Conquer Cancer® benefiting the Alberta Cancer Foundation Presented by Evraz is coming up soon, and we want to help you Get Ride Ready for it!

That’s why we’ll be sharing some great tips this month to push your fundraising over the finish line or even achieve Ambassador status, plus offering great prizes and flash challenges along the way.

Without further ado… We have the first Get Ride Ready challenge for you!

Between now and Friday, August 10, the top 25 Riders who raise the most fundraising dollars AND the top 25 Riders who receive the most individual donations will be entered to win one of 8 glamping experiences at this year’s Ride!*

To Get Ride Ready, check back to this page each week for our Rider-tested, Rider-approved tips. As Cindy Faas explains the importance of sharing your story:

“You never know who you are inspiring and who’s life you are changing by doing the Ride to Conquer and fundraising events for it. It certainly changed my hubby and I’s life – we did our first Ride the same year I finished treatment (I finished January 2015 and we did it that Aug!) and have been doing it every year since because of a fundraising event I came across while I was going through chemo for breast cancer in 2014. We are training right now for our 4th Ride To Conquer with the very team I saw that day at the mall when I was out on my first Bald outing alone.. We never even owned bikes when we signed up for our first. This was the moment that changed our lives…

Maybe I shouldn’t go to the mall unattended…No, I didn’t go crazy on retail therapy. But I did leave blubbering like a baby…No not cause anyone stared. Or pointed. Or threw stones… Because I was humbled. I walked in the mall and first thing I see is a bunch of stationary bikes, and people going like crazy on them. I wondered if it was some kind of fitness challenge, or maybe a new gym or spin class advertising. Then I caught the word “cancer”. Better yet, “Ride to CONQUER Cancer”. Immediate lump in my throat. At first it felt like my Guardian Angel’s way to calm the nervousness of my first solo trip to the mall as Cindo The Bald. Or Cindo The Sick. I watched for a few minutes from up above suddenly completely comfortable in my own skin. Now if anyone looked at me, I kinda thought it might be more in solidarity than freakishness. I carried on and went shopping. I even managed to forget I was bald in my shopping glory lol. On my way out I grabbed a Jugo Juice and snack wrap and decided to sit by the bikers. At least I wouldn’t look strange there. People might even assume I had a loved one participating.

And that’s when it happened. As I was watching these complete strangers bike their hearts out to raise money for a disease I am battling, I thought “they are biking for me”. Not just me, I know, but I am one of the millions of people they are biking for. And my eyes watered. And I felt this intense need to thank the bikers. So I went over and made a donation. The lady taking the donation asked “Are you participating?”. I smiled and thought “sorta” but said “no, battling” and pointed to my head. I continued to tell her how I was nervous for my bald debut (solo) and my voice cracked when I got to the “and then I saw you guys….” Tears fell and I thanked her. Then I started to go by each biker and thank them. I only made it through half before I was blubbering like an idiot and decided to leave before I traumatised anyone one (or had mall police cart me away!!) Although I got myself under control as I went up the escalator, tears continued to fall all the way to the truck. Tears of gratitude for strangers who may never know how much of an impact they made on me today. Today will stay with me on the rough days. It will stay with me on the good days. But most importantly it will stay with me through to my healthy days as a reminder what strangers did for me. And as a reminder that my time will come to Pay It Forward.”


Did you know that you can Get Ride Ready in just minutes?

Log in to your Participant Centre now to complete Online Check-In. Haven’t reached your fundraising minimum yet? No problem! You’ll have the opportunity to make an instant or delayed self-pledge and confirm your event participation.

In just one more month, our extraordinary Ridership will come together to help conquer cancer… The 10th Ride is sure to be our most epic yet, so Get Ride Ready for it today!

*Between July 9 and August 10, the top 25 Riders who raise the most fundraising dollars for their personal fundraising efforts and the top 25 Riders who receive the most individual donations will be entered to win one of 8 glamping experiences at The 2018 Ride.

If you didn’t have the chance to get an Epic Ride, Epic Match fundraising gift, we still have a great flash challenge coming your way!

Between Monday, May 28, and Friday, June 15, the top 25 Riders who fundraise the most donation dollars AND the top 25 Riders who receive the most individual donations will all be entered to win two WestJet tickets to anywhere WestJet flies in North America, courtesy of Valard.

That’s an incredible one in 50 chance to win, so start making those asks now!

Plus, don’t forget about this week’s FLASH CHALLENGE:

Any Rider who raises $250 or more by Friday, June 15, will be entered to win 4 tickets to see Jason Benoit Concert at Ranchman’s on July 14th OR 4 tickets to see Aaron Goodvin Concert at Ranchman’s on July 7th.

TIP: Making a self-donation before sending out your link will give donors an idea of how much to donate.



Courtesy of our Title Partner, Enbridge, The Ride has been gifted $50,000 to help you reach your fundraising minimum! This week, when you raise between $100 and $500, you will receive a matching fundraising gift from us!*

But just like all things epic, this won’t last long. Once the $50,000 is gone, so is your chance to boost your fundraising tally. Need help getting started? Check out our fundraising toolkit or call one of our Ride Guides at 888-624-2453 [BIKE].



The Alberta Cancer Foundation has committed to raising $10 million over the next five years to bring innovation to Albertans faster and thanks to your support, they get closer to their goal every day. Only by coming together can we reach that objective and make a difference not only in Alberta, but to the world around us.


*All Epic Ride, Epic Match credits will be made into Rider fundraising accounts within one to 10 business days of their deposited donations with a fundraising gift that matches the deposited donations. Minimum donation to be eligible for Epic Ride, Epic Match is $100. Maximum donation that will be matched through Epic Ride, Epic Match is $500.The Epic Ride, Epic Match is only available to Riders who have not yet met their $2,500 fundraising minimum.



The 2018 Epic Impact Challenge is here! 

For two weeks—Monday, April 16, through Friday, April 27—we’re asking every Rider to boost their fundraising tally with one donation—or more!

Whether it’s for your first donation, final donation or somewhere in between, now is the perfect time to take the pledge with the rest of our Ridership, set an Epic Impact Challenge goal for yourself and use these next two weeks to reach it.

To make your Epic Impact, take advantage of our comprehensive fundraising plans, which we’ll send out at the start of both Epic Impact Challenge weeks. Each plan will have easily achievable tips to put into action and see your donation dollars soar.

Not registered for The Ride?

Sign up with promo EPIC18 during the Epic Impact Challenge, and you’ll receive a $50 registration discount. Choose to ride with us for our 10thanniversary on August 18 and 19 or become a Virtual Rider!

Only by coming together can we make an Epic Impact to further the Alberta Cancer Foundation’s goal of conquering cancer, so show the collective power of our Ridership by joining the Epic Impact Challenge today!


When we double our Riders, we double our impact. That’s why we want you to recruit a Rider or register as one for this year’s Gear Up Challenge, which will run from Sunday, February 4—World Cancer Day—through Friday, March 16!

The Ride’s Gear Up Challenge is your opportunity to be part of the annual global event of World Cancer Day, which reminds each of us that cancer is no match against our conviction to conquer it.

Plus, earn awesome 10-year anniversary Ride swag to complete your look for event weekend! With every Rider you recruit between February 4 and March 16, you get one person closer to receiving all of our great Gear Up Challenge rewards:


And new for 2018, you will also receive a $50 Refer & Raise fundraising credit for each new participant you recruit!* To earn your Gear Up rewards and the Refer & Raise credit, have your referred Rider sign up using your custom referral link in your Participant Centre or have them enter your name or participant number when they are prompted to fill the referral area during registration.

If you have yet to join The 2018 Ride, now is the time to do it! Register between February 4 and March 16 to receive these great perks:

  • A $50 registration discount using the promo code GEARUP18
  • The chance to win our Gear Up Challenge rewards—water bottle, cycling hat and arm warmers—with each new Rider you recruit
  • The opportunity to kick-start your fundraising with a $50 Refer & Raise credit for each new participant you recruit

Whether you are already a Rider or thinking of becoming one, YOU can further our goal of conquering cancer this World Cancer Day. Recruit that new Rider or become part of our epic Ridership for the 2018 Gear Up Challenge!

 * The maximum fundraising credit to be earned by each Rider is capped at $500 or 10 referrals. You may receive the credit only for referring new Riders. A new Rider is anyone who is not currently registered and did not register for the 2017 event. Your account will be credited within 1 to 10 business days. All Gear Up Challenge items can be picked up during local orientations, at the local office, during packet pickup prior to the event or on event. No Gear Up rewards will be mailed out.


Over the next few weeks, we are issuing out a challenge to all Riders to complete four tasks, and with each task you fulfill, a mystery holiday badge will be unlocked on your Personal Page. Carry out all four Ride challenges—in any order—between now and Wednesday, December 20, at 11:59 p.m., and you will successfully complete ‘Tis The Season!

For your hard work, holiday rewards will be had! Each completed task will also give you one entry into our holiday basket giveaway. Should you be the lucky winner of ‘Tis The Season, you will receive a fantastic gift basket that includes a SmartHalo, Schanks Sports Grill gift certificate and four premium bottles of wine, courtesy of Mr. Tom Hewitt.


  1. Raise $250. The Ride is just eight short months away! While you may have all things holidays on your mind right now, it’s also the perfect time to kick-start your event fundraising. How to easily raise that amount? Just ask your friends or family members to donate to your Ride in lieu of a holiday gift. Come New Year, you could already be well on your way to achieving or surpassing your goal!
  2. Update your Personal Page. Sharing why you joined our Ridership is a way to invest others in your quest to conquer cancer and increase your fundraising tally. During the holidays, you can also use your Personal Page to thank the people in your life for the donations they’ve given. Already have a customized Personal Page? Just upload a holiday-themed picture to fulfill this task!
  3. Make a self-donation. Who said that holiday gifts have to come from other people? By self-donating to your Ride, you will show to everyone you know just how committed you are to our cause and incentivize them to follow your lead. Plus, a donation to yourself is really the gift that keeps on giving, as every little bit furthers research and treatment supported by the Alberta Cancer Foundation.
  4. Refer a friend. The holidays often mean time spent with loved ones, but what about the rest of the year? The Ride offers the perfect chance to ask that co-worker, cousin, childhood friend or other favourite person to be at your side this August. Not only will you have opportunities for bonding time as you train, but also you’ll be making amazing memories together during event weekend!

‘Tis The Season is a challenge to both enjoy the holidays and get us closer to our goal to conquer cancer, so join us this December… Be Merry. Be Generous. Be The Ride!

The Enbridge® Ride to Conquer Cancer® benefiting the Alberta Cancer Foundation Presented by Evraz is thrilled to announce the Team Up Challenge, which will run from Monday, October 2, through Friday, November 10!


The Team Up Challenge is an incredible opportunity for our Ridership to amplify their impact to conquer cancer through teamwork and win great prizes for it!

Here’s how it works:

  • Teams that add five or more Riders between Monday, October 2, and Friday, November 10, will have a kilometre of The Ride dedicated to them.
  • The top five teams to add the most Riders between Monday, October 2, and Friday, November 10, through spot fulfillment and/or recruitment will automatically win access to The Ride’s VIP hospitality tent on event.


  • Be one of the top five teams to add the most Riders by spot fulfillment and/or recruitment and win automatic access to the VIP tent.
  • Be a team that adds five or more Riders to receive a kilometre of The Ride dedicated to your team.


The five teams that add the most newly registered Riders—individuals who register from October 2 through November 10—receive:

  • A dedicated tenting area in Tent City.
  • Official welcome signage recognizing your team at the entrance to your dedicated tenting area.
  • Team access to the Team Up Challenge VIP hospitality tent, including lounge, professional massage, private washroom, private bartender and snack privileges.

BONUS: A kilometre of The Ride dedicated to your team with official signage when you add five or more registered Riders.


  • A built-in support system as you embark on the journey that is THE RIDE!
  • The power of training partners! Teams often organize training rides. Training partners can also provide training motivation and encouragement.
  • Fundraising support! Teams frequently coordinate and host fundraising events. Training partners can offer fundraising tips, too.
  • The opportunity to discover and strengthen lifelong friendships!
  • Strength in numbers! More Riders mean more dollars raised for the Alberta Cancer Foundation.

And don’t forget that if your team has pre-purchased spots, filling them between October 2 and November 10 counts towards the Team Up Challenge. Have questions or want more information? Call a Ride Guide today at [888] 624-2453.

Team Up Challenge Winners

Congratulation to our Team Up Challenge winners Valard Group of CompaniesTom Baker Cancer Conquers, Team NOV, WBN and Team KPMG- Ridin and Survivin for securing their spot in the 2018 Team Up Challenge Lounge!

And a big shout-out to all of the teams that have earned a dedicated kilometre of The Ride! Keep an eye out for those personalized markers on event next August.


  • Linnea’s Legion
  • Team JACC
  • Team TATA’s
  • The A-Team



Rally for the decade now by building your 2018 team today!

Starting Monday, August 21, through Saturday, September 2, you have the chance to win a spot for your team at our exclusive 2018 Ultimate Relaxation Retreat during next year’s event.

How to win:

  • Get at least 50% of your 2017 team (minimum 2017 team size of five) to register for The 2018 Ride and be automatically entered to win one of four team spots!
  • Already building your team for next year’s event? Great! Keep going to hit the 50% mark and be entered to win.
  • Only 2017 teams of five or more members are eligible to participate.
  • Corporate spots can count towards the challenge, but they must be filled with a Rider’s name by September 2 to be qualified.

A decade in the making, The 2018 Ride will be an epic celebration you won’t want to miss! And what better way to enjoy how far we’ve come in the last 10 years than by sipping on cocktails and toasting with your teammates?

But wait, there’s more!

Register by Saturday, September 2, to receive a special $25 registration. Sign up now with code RIDE18 for the lowest price of the season. Even better, you’ll score a limited edition 10 Years Strong tee while supplies last, too!

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